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EauCool® offers the most comprehensive service program in the entire water industry. Our Partners in Water® program includes our commitment to ensure that we deal with any hassles associated with your water service, and that you continue to have premium filtered drinking water in your office.

EauCool® guarantees to never increase your per unit monthly fee and we will:

  • clean the exterior of the EauCool® system every three months,

  • sterilize the interior of the EauCool® system every six months,

  • change the filters every 12 months, or more frequently if required.**

  • maintain and upgrade the cooler at no additional charge

  • install the cooler where you want it

  • move the cooler to a new location whenever you need it moved, as many times as you wish

  • inspect every EauCool® system for reliability and conduct preventative maintenance

  • same day/next day service – often within two hours

  • give 24 hour emergency service

** Due to the massive capacity of our system, we typically change the filters long before they even reach half of their capacity. For further information, visit our product information.

Our contracts are completely open-ended; if you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, provide 60 days notice and boot us out – no hard feelings.