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At EauCool®, our mission is to provide premium filtered drinking water to the business community.

Clean, mineral rich drinking water is important to us all. It helps your body to operate at full capacity, and allows you to think better, gives you more energy, and boosts your immune system. With an EauCool® Cooler you have these benefits by hydrating your body while eliminating harmful toxins and contaminants. As our system filters your drinking water, it retains the rich essential minerals that naturally occur in water. The result is superior tasting and healthy drinking water.

At EauCool®, we set the industry standard for our product as well as our service through our Partners in Water® Program. This is what makes us different:

  • 1: A mini bottled water plant installed right on siteOnce installed it happens right before your eyes. By utilizing your water supply and our filtration system, it is indeed a mini bottled water plant!
  • 2: Quarterly cleanings and semi-annual sterilizationsOur water coolers are properly cleaned, and are sterilized to eliminate bacteria. Service is scheduled automatically and is recorded on your cooler.
  • 3: No lifting or storing bottlesThis is a common concern of so many bottled water customers. Our system relieves you of the storage space and inconvenience issues involved in replacing bottles.
  • 4: Fixed Monthly cost guaranteed never to increaseYou can use as much water as you would like without any increase in your monthly fee.

The EauCool® self-filling bottled water system solves all of the problems associated with the delivery of drinking water. How do we do this? We put a “mini bottled water plant” right on the cooler and fill the bottle on site by connecting to the local water supply.

We can install the unit (at no charge) anywhere, provided that there is a water source in the building. (This means that the water source can even be a few hundred metres away.) Average time for an install is 30 minutes and we guarantee a neat, professional install without disruption to your office environment or to your staff.

The multi-stage, commercial grade system processes the water to 0.5 microns which results in fresh, crisp tasting water.

The tremendous capacity of our system provides you with unlimited drinking water.

The filtration system is changed every 12 months to ensure that you are receiving the best possible water at all times.

We use the highest quality equipment available in the industry. Since 1990, we have upgraded our system six times. No other water company proactively upgrades and maintains water systems like EauCool®. For Partners in Water®, these upgrades come at no additional cost. EauCool® provides premium water for a fraction of the cost.