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At EauCool®, we are proud to provide premium filtered drinking water to our corporate clients. We are also proud of what they say about our EauCool® cooler and the responsive service they receive.

“We are pleased with the service and the fact that we never have to worry about running out of product or the cleanliness of the machine. At both our head office and fabrication facility in Nisku, the EauCool® system has lived up to it’s promises. We are extremely happy with the product as well as the on-going maintenance and support…” Scott Sharun, Senior Buyer, PCL

“In the past we have tried other brands which claimed to be comparable. Although these units’ cost was lower, they did not meet our volume requirements. Our staff at the location where we tried another brand insisted it be removed. I would recommend EauCool® as a supplier for any filtered water needs any organization or individual may have.” Steve Gallant, Maintenance Manager, Caron Transport Ltd.

“We have been using EauCool since May 2008 and have been very happy with the great service provided to us. Our water cooler is cleaned on a regular basis, so we never have to worry about the cleanliness of the machine. We would definately recommend this water system to others. EauCool has provided outstanding service to us in providing regular maintenance of our water system and offers quality customer support.” Candace Kelly, Senior Accountant, Red Flame Hot Tap Services Ltd.

“We have been in Partnership with EauCool® for the past nine years and we are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for them. They have provided us with courteous professional service and have exceeded the standards of quality for almost a decade.” Brenda Blanchfield, Personnel Administrator, Brownlee LLP

“EauCool® has provided us with great tasting mineral-rich water and exceptional service for the many water coolers throughout our facility for over 5 years. As we are committed to providing our clients with premier quality equipment and services, it is important that our suppliers can meet these initiatives. EauCool® has consistently met these expectations and we are very pleased with their professional service and commitment to their clients.” Brian McGregor, Operations Manager, Bankers Hall Club

“Edmonton Airports presently uses Aquacell as a provider of our water cooler systems. This system uses a direct connection to our own water supply and a 3 stage processing system to process the water. Some of the advantages of using this system are as follows:

  • Bottle is a self filling 5 gallon bottle. Once installed no replacement is required.
  • Unit is sealed so external contaminants are not able to enter the drinking water. Contains an air filter to ensure bacteria is kept out.
  • No additional costs.
  • Filters are replaced yearly or as required
  • Processing system maintenance yearly.
  • System is cleaned every six months.
  • Installation.
  • Relocation is available

Edmonton Airports has been very satisfied with the service from Aquacell since 1997. Aquacell is able to meet Edmonton Airports’ needs with prompt service.

Edmonton Airports feels this was and continues to be a worthwhile investment for excellent quality drinking water.” Steve H. Maybee, C.P.P., Manager, Materials & Contracting